As with any form of professional massage there is appropriate erotic massage etiquette to follow.

We recommend you should familiarize yourself with these tips prior to enjoying sensuous and erotic stimulation.

These guidelines ensure that you experience exactly the heightened pleasure that you were hoping for.


  • Do always shower before your massage. Your attentive masseuse will sometimes gently lather you up and sensually wash your body prior to the massage.
  • Do communicate. Let your gorgeous masseuse know what you like. Even if your massage goal is simply to relax completely and enjoy the experience, it is helpful to let her know about any ultra sensitive areas, or specific style of sensual stimulation that you love.
  • Do be polite and respectful. Your masseuse is focused on your body, your pleasure and your intimate needs so do be mindful of this.
  • Do relax. If this is your first erotic massage it is natural to feel a little shy, nervous or apprehensive. Relax and know that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Do Not:

  • Do not immediately strip off and except action. You will be offered a cleansing shower or bathing ritual before the sensual massage begins. This is the erotic massage equivalent of intimate and arousing foreplay fun.
  • Do not communicate too much. Focus on your pleasure.
  • Do not expect your masseuse to deliver whatever you ask for.
  • Do not book any form of bodywork or sensual massage when you are sick. The stimulating massage strokes will release toxins into the body, making you feel even more under the weather.

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