Jerking off can be fun until it gets boring. If it gets boring than it is time to try prostate massage play. Prostate massage play can provide orgasms that are of greater magnitude than just masturbating.

This article is for individuals who are interested in trying prostate massage play with toys.

10 Vibrating Toys for Prostate Massage Play

  1. LELO Loki- this is the male vibrator that other vibrators are fiercely envious of! It is big enough to fill up every vacant micro space in the anal area, looks good, is intuitive to use, feels smooth and provides very potent vibrations. The LELO Loki uses a rechargeable battery, costs a pretty penny, and is not recommended for folks with sensitive anal orifices!

    LELO Loki

  2. LELO Hugo- the LELO Hugo costs an arm and a leg and has a remote control that enables hands-free operation. This xxx toy feels silky smooth in the fanny, has a diverse range of potent vibration effects, and is waterproof. Meant for users of all skill levels and experience, the LELO Hugo delivers orgasmic thrills!

    LELO Hugo

  3. Rocks Off Rude Boy- this features a C shape and is intended to get both the prostate and perineum throbbing, while fully filling out the anal orifice. Flexible, waterproof, and with a total of 7 different speed settings, the Rude Boy quickly makes it known that it is there for serious cumming business!

    Rocks Off Rude Boy

  4. L’Amorouse Rosa Rouge- the Rosa Rouge is stylish as sin and when inserted can be set to heat up the prostate nicely. It is rigid yet flexible enough to make its way up the butt hole with ease. It vibrates like a possessed demon and is even waterproof. All these features don’t come cheap and it is not meant for novices.

    L’Amourouse Rosa Rouge

  5. Rocks Off Naughty Boy- this has similarities to the Rude Boy mentioned above but differs in that its shape is less curved. It is also slightly smaller, and it massages both the perineum and prostate. It is perfect for beginners.

    Rocks Off Naughty Boy

  6. Rocks Off Cheeky Boy- this is like the other Rocks Off xxx toys listed above but is slightly different because it has a trio of anal beads. These beads provide some sweet anal stimulation, especially when the user is rocking back and forth! While some folks complain that it is too flexible, novices and intermediate users enjoy the that it does not overly stimulate the prostate and bends along with the body. Cheeky Boy is built with a 7-speed setting. Please note, the toy tickles the perineum too.

    Rocks Off Cheeky Boy

  7. Aneros Vice- the Aneros Vice is battery operated, simple, effective and flexible enough to reach all the right places with ease. It is maintenance-friendly, though not intended for novices. While not as flashy or classy as others on this list; it makes its presence felt quick and tends to treat the prostate like an old flame!

    Aneros Vice

  8. Nexus G Play- this small prostate massager is an excellent G-Spot stimulator. It is silicon based, cheap, has a single vibration setting and is intended for prostate massage newbies.

    Nexus G Play

  9. LELO Loki Wave- the LELO Loki Wave is yet another great product from the company. It is designed to simultaneously massage the prostate and the perineum. It is waterproof, can vibrate like an angry housewife, and is sadly not meant for novices. And its price might be enough to pay for a ticket to Mars!

    LELO Loki Wave

  10. LELO Billy- the LELO Billy is intended for beginners and those with small anal openings. It is easy to use, slides smooth, looks great, and is rechargeable.

    LELO Billy

If you want to try non-vibrating toys for prostate massage play, make sure to check out our other blog post! Coming soon!