A Nuru massage is a fun and exciting way to spice up your relationship with a partner. It’s intimate, sensual, fun, and can be done on a standard bed. This type of massage originates from Japan and is an erotic body rub that involves using your entire body to slide and glide up and down on your partner. It is a messy but fun way to play together. But how do you initiate the idea of a Nuru Massage with your partner (Couples Nuru Massage)?

How to get her into it

There are many different ways to bring up Nuru Massage but we thought we would give you a few quick and easy ways to broach the subject. One good option would be to put on some porn and accidentally stumble upon the massage porn section. Try showing him/her a sexy clip on Porn Hub to set the mood. If she enjoys it then go a step further and try Nurumassage.com. Nurumassage.com is a leader in “Massage porn”. Though it is subscription based it’s easy to find free porn content from the website too. Another option would be to start giving him/her a casual massage and then slowly ease into the conversation. Maybe say stuff like, “Have you ever heard of a Nuru Massage? I read about it recently and I wanted you to be the first person I try it with”.

Supplies needed for a Nuru Massage

Setting up a Nuru Massage only requires a few things. But if you want to do it by the book, then it’s a little more expensive but ultimately more pleasure.


You will need the following:

Mattress (you likely have already) $0

Nuru Sheets to cover Mattress ~$20

Nuru Gel Powder ($26)

Wooden bowl for mixing ($7)

Towels (you should have)

Total cost: ~ $53

First you will need to buy Vinyl sheets to put over your mattress. The Vinyl material gives you a good base material to slide on. Without vinyl, you can’t get that perfect slide. Make sure you get the right size that matches your bed (Queen, King, etc.). Next buy a Nuru Gel powder. Most Nuru Gels feel the same, but the best priced nuru gel is the one on amazon called Nuru Massage Gel Therapy Powder . In addition to Nuru Gel, you need to use a microwavable bowl so that you can mix up the gel.

One approach also could be, make a large batch of nuru gel and keep it in a plastic bottle container with a lid. That is what we usually do. We make batches of nuru gel and put it in a 33.8 Oz bottle.

If you don’t have the time to make it and would prefer to buy ready made nuru gel, magic gel is an option. Please note, it is very expensive and not that much better.

Preparation needed for a Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage Sheet

The key to a great Nuru Massage will include the proper bedding or mattress due to how sticky it can be, which only adds to the fun! Keep some towels nearby in case you need to wipe off some of the excess gel. The gel is typically composed of water, glycerin, seaweed extract, and even grape seed extract, making it gentle and moisturizing for anyone with sensitive skin.

When prepping the Nuru gel, add part water and part of the gel in a bowl and microwave it until it is nicely warmed up. Adding water will make the consistency of the gel nice and slippery. If the gel is too hot, let it sit a few minutes. Also, make sure to shower before as the Nuru Massage works best with damp skin. So after you shower, lightly towel yourself but not to the point you are completely dry.

You are fully prepped, now set the mood

To set the mood, play some relaxing music. I tend to like the spa playlist from apple music. Also, light some candles around the bed. It is also good to have some massage oil and ky jelly nearby, in case you need it.


What to do during the massage


Slowly cover yourself with the warm wet Nuru gel as well as your partner’s body while they are laying face down on their stomach. You can drizzle some of the gel on their back and legs and gently glide your body on theirs. Gently glide your forearms or elbow into their shoulders, back, and thighs. For women giving their partner a Nuru Massage, she can glide her breasts or buttock up and down their partner’s body in for that extra sensuality. Midway through the massage, ask your partner to turn over on their back and proceed to touch and glide while straddling them for a sexy ending. For better gliding, grab the head board or the edges of the bed.

Please remember that a Nuru Massage is a fun and new experience to try with your partner. For more of our Nuru Massage Blogs, check out our other website. If you want to try a Nuru Massage in New York City, then check out our Models page and then give us a call. Couples Nuru Massage sessions are also available.