We don’t know which city is the best in the world for erotic massage.

However, New York certainly has some great choices when it comes to getting some body rub action.

Most of the action is centered around Manhattan but you will find sensual massage services (Body Rub NYC) everywhere in the Greater New York area.

Here are three tips when seeking an erotic massage.

1) Decide whether you want to see an independent practitioner or go through an agency – 

There are some very talented independent therapists in New York.

We would recommend using an agency as they will always be someone there to answer your call and any questions you might have.

An agency will also offer a greater variety of erotic massage services and choices of different therapists.

In addition, all of the girls at the agency are vetted out based on which model will do best with clients. The agency chooses based on looks, personality, service, and experience. Because each body rub girl reflects on the agency, you are more likely to have a good experience at an agency as they make sure all of the models are trained to give good service.

2) Incall or outcall? 

Do you want to visit the masseuse for an incall massage, where you go to her place?

Or have the masseuse come to your home or hotel room?

Which is commonly known as an outcall booking.

3) What type of session would you like?  

Choose the type of massage style you want.

There is a big range of therapies to choose from in NYC ranging from Japanese style nuru massage, to tantric massage to domination massage and everything in between. Nuru massage is available on the authentic mattress and or on the massage table.

You could even opt for a four hands massage where two girls will massage you – you lucky son of a beach ball!

More information

If for some crazy and stupid reason you don’t want to book us for a massage, then we suggest checking out these body rub nyc sites.

The websites give a nice overview and list of sensual massage therapists in New York –