Ready for some real erotic b2b massage fun?

The friction when two nude bodies slide and move all over each other feels very nice indeed.

That is exactly what will happen when you join us for a body to body massage in New York

What is b2b massage?

A body to body massage NYC style is a certain type of erotic massage where the massage therapist will use their body to sensually rub against the nude body of the receiver.

If you are a man, having the smooth skin of a woman slide and glide against your body feels out of this world.

Where does it come from?

Body to body massage has been around for centuries, even millennia.

If you visit certain the ancient tantra temples in Asia, especially India and South East Asian, you may come across images and stone carvings of naked women and men in all manner of suggestive tantric positions.

Some of these positions look like they were having a body 2 body massage.

So it will be no surprise to see that this type of therapy is that old.

How we perform our special body on body session…

We may be biased, but we think we do the best b2b massage in NYC.

We aim to provide a first class erotic encounter.

Having a shower, the masseuse will have you lay down on the massage table, bed or mat.

She will have you first lay on your front, where she will massage you legs, bum and back with therapeutic deep tissue techniques.

Once your body feels relaxed and warmed-up, she will then start rubbing her body against yours.

It will feel sensational as you feel the naked breasts of a sexy female rub up against your body.

Mid way through the session you will be asked to turnover where the masseuse will starting working on your front. This is where it will get really intense and enjoyable.

She will continue to move up and down your body brushing against your intimate parts.

You will feel her breath on your neck as she moves closer and deeper into your body.

The last twenty minutes of the encounter will focus on providing you with a wonderful genital tantric massage.

After the massage you will be floating like a butterfly.

Reason why you should have a sensual body to body massage in New York –

  • It feels great
  • It will get the blood pumping an flowing
  • It will release powerful endorphin’s in your brain which will make you feel very happy