From the light into the dark…

Tantric massage is a sensual massage that gives both physical and mental pleasure.Dark Tantra massage, a type of tantric massage, takes it one step further.

What is Dark Tantra Massage?

Dark tantra massage is the fusion of tantric massage techniques with elements of BDSM. It’s so stimulating because it combines sensual pleasure with fetishes / forbidden elements of surrender. Blending together the twin sensations of relaxation and the taboo creates a feeling of pure release.

It’s something everyone should try once in their lives.

Further, If you enjoy all the sensual elements of tantric massage in New York but wish to go deeper; then dark tantra may be for you.

Where Does Dark Tantra Come From?

Tantra originates from ancient Eastern practices that liberate the body and mind to create a state of contentment, bliss and sexual energy. It’s been practiced for thousands of years in order to: release tensions, improve mental health, and honor the body.

What Happens in a Dark Tantra Massage?

Tantric massage is about experiencing pleasure through relaxation and stimulation. Further, Dark Tantra begins with a sensual massage and then incorporates elements of BDSM.

Examples of BDSM include: spanking, bondage, domination and other erotic fantasies. It is believed that dark tantra releases tensions that lower levels of: anxiety, anger, and distraction.

Further, dark tantric practices cleanse your body of negative energy and help with relaxation. Ultimately, all of these benefits will help you enjoy a peaceful, contented life.