How to Be A Good Client and Tip properly

by Laura 

There is nothing more meaningful to a massage girl than showing your appreciation of her work with a good tip. Not only will this gesture make her feel valued, but she will look forward to future sessions you may have together. One great way to ensure that you will both have an amazing time together is by giving your massage girl her donation plus tip before the session begins. This let’s her know that you’re already taking care of her in advance.

About Extras

Some body rub girls will offer extras aside from the erotic massage session. For your massage girl this means that physically and mentally she is putting in her time to do extra work in order to guarantee you will be happy. Naturally, these extras require tips. Some girl’s may have their own tip rates for extras, but needless to say any tip will brighten your massage girl’s day, even if it is just $20. Anything, however, above $40 makes a huge difference to your massage girl.

Why should you tip?

Most sex work agencies will require a cut of the massage girl’s earning from the main rate of the session. This cut goes to the agency for providing a safe space for the girl and her client in addition to advertising for the massage girls and use of clean materials, toys, and towels. Therefore, when you hand a model the donation, remember that she does not keep all of that.

What to expect if you tip?

Keep in mind that even if you tip, especially if it is a larger tip in advanced, unless you have communicated to your massage girl what you are looking for in your session together, do not automatically assume that you can just say, touch, or treat her however you would like. Most girls may have some boundaries or triggers that they would like respected and valued. Being mindful of her comfort and pleasure will certainly put you on the top of her list of favorite or good clients to session with.

My personal experience

From my personal experience, many clients do not tip for a thirty minute erotic massage session ($180/hh). I’ve come to suspect that it may have to do with clients who are in a rush to get back to work. However, when a client does go out of his way to tip me for a 30 mins session; I will be sure to remember their name, face, and gratitude.

What to expect from one of my sessions

During my one hour sessions ($280/hr) I make sure to take my time massaging my clients from head to toe. My specialty is deep tissue massage. As a fitness girl, I am no stranger to finding all the knots and tension in a man’s body. Further, I love working hard to heal another. Personally, any tip that is $60 or more makes my day. However, there have been times where I’ve received tips that were over $100 and this kind of gratitude has certainly put that client at the top of my list.

If you are a new hobbyist or want to get more tips regarding what to do in a session, make sure to check out our other blog about body rub etiquette.

How much to tip during the pandemic

The Pandemic has adversely affected the erotic massage industry and agencies. Take that a step further, if located in New York City, it is even worse, now that less people commute to work in NYC. Further, the models and agency receive less clients so tips are even more important. Clients should tip at least $40 or more. Please keep our agency in mind, next time you are debating coming, remember that by booking you are support sex workers.