Gay Massage New York

Can A Straight Guy Go For An Erotic Gay Massage?

The erotic massage is a perfect way to achieve sexual pleasure while being completely passive.

You might have tried it once or twice before with a sensual masseuse in New York.

Or maybe you’ve never given it a chance.

Either way, you might be thinking of trying a gay erotic massage.

Another man knows how to access the erogenous zones better than any woman can.

He knows exactly how you’re feeling, as well as what it takes to turn you on and bring you to climax. He’s done it to many other men – and himself – after all.

But does going for an erotic gay massage compromise your sexuality?

Can you enjoy it or will you be turned off by the fact that you’re being touched by a man’s hands?

An erotic massage is sensual, not sexual.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How can something that turns you on and gets you off not be sexual?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. Sex is participatory. You engage in intercourse with another person, each of you invested in your own and each other’s pleasure.

An erotic massage does not meet this criteria. The massage therapist is not interested in his own sexual pleasure, but in satisfying his customer.

You are not interested in sex either, but only in having a pair of hands take care of your needs.

Furthermore, you’re entirely passive. You can close your eyes and fantasise about whatever you want to.

Or, you can just enjoy the massage with a clear mind, focused only on pleasure, not sex.

So to conclude go try a nuru massage in New York today.