Erotic Hand Massage
When it’s towards the beginning of dating, it can sometimes be hard to get intimate. For example, you both appear to be hitting it off and have been spending a lot of time together lately. You take her out often, cook for her occasionally, but have yet to get fully intimate. Rather than throwing in the towel and hiring an escort; give your girl an erotic hand massage that if done properly, will get her in the mood to go a step further.

How to initiate

Now, an erotic hand massage does not require much and is essentially free. Say, after having dinner at your place, you could draw her closer and start talking about irrelevant matters. Get her laughing and relax her. Then find a reason to catch and hold her hand. Cup and feel its softness and warmth.

First step

Next, massage one hand at a time and apply consistent movements to each hand for at least 5 minutes. Circular motions with some pressure is a great way to get her relaxed. Make sure not to put too much pressure and always check her body language to see if she’s in pain.

Second step

The next step is to keep on talking while examining her hand like it is the most exquisite jewel in the world. Then look her in the eyes and kiss both the inside and outside of her hand. Ignore her sharp intake of breath and start gently kneading the joints, flesh, and tendons of the hand you are holding.

Third Step

It’s OK to keep on talking about nothing at all, or you can keep silent so as to better focus on what you are doing. When your gentle kneading starts to get boring, lift the hand in your grasp, gently select any finger of it and place it within your wet and warm mouth.

Fourth Step

Suck away like you haven’t been fed in days while looking at her as earnestly as you can. Your eyes will communicate your raging need and she will soon let you kiss her more deeply than before and touch her down below. One of my favorite moves is to just place her hand on my member. That’s another good one to make her realize you mean business.

Final Thoughts

From there you should not have any difficulty going the distance. Hope you enjoy it and worst case, you can always contact us for an erotic massage in NYC. For other massage techniques, read our other article, “How to Massage your Body Rub Girl”. It also gives good techniques that you can apply to your girl friend.