In case you didn’t know, it’s totally OK to play with your butt hole. And no, that does not mean that you are gay, or that you have a perverted mind

The “gay thing” is what is stopping most men from experimenting with their prostate. This is unfortunate, as prostate play and/or stimulation can trigger the most mind-blowing orgasms ever and is a perfectly normal thing to do.

Now, when folks masturbate normally and then ejaculate, there is a refractory period during which it is simply not possible for them to cum again. However, orgasms obtained via prostate stimulation lack this refractory period and does not trigger ejaculation. This conveniently lets folks string together a long string of consecutive and brain-melting orgasms that could be seconds or minutes apart, while conceivably lasting for hours.


Achieving prostrate orgasm is not easy. The body must be calm and relaxed, the necessary toys must be available and there must be no overwhelming pressure to perform to the limit. When this is the case, unlimited pleasure awaits!

So, what exactly does prostrate stimulation involve? Well, here is a comprehensive overview.

Time needed and procedure

Those folks who are interested in prostate stimulation must set aside one to two hours for the procedure. The session will have many orgasms. After the first orgasm, the rest will be much easier to achieve.

Please note that handling the penis during the procedure is prohibited. This is because touching and massaging one’s rod will trigger an unusually intense orgasm that also results in ejaculation, while getting rid of any incentive to continue.

Needed Equipment

The following equipment is necessary to make your prostrate stimulation session a success:


Image result for sex toys and lubricant

Lubricant is vital to the process. The lubricant can be water (recommended) or silicone based. Try both lubricants, and based on your preference, use that.


Clever Fingers

it is quite possible to achieve intense orgasms through clever use of the fingers. For a sweet prostrate massage using the digits, it is recommended to get on all fours and with one hand reach down, part the anal opening and insert a finger (if only one than use the middle finger) or two deep inside. The prostate can then be found by touch -it is the softest thing within- and should be gently massaged and kneaded. Other positions can work well too, it depends on what you prefer.


If you are using your fingers than it is recommended to where a pair of gloves. This is because it will protect your anus area from any cuts or longer nails you may have. Also, it results in a better experience. Further, when choosing gloves we recommend disposable latex free gloves that are either Vinyl or Nitrile. Vinyl tends is less expensive but still provides a good barrier of protection. Nitrile is more expensive but provides a batter barrier of protection. Nitrile also has some more funky color options. For more info on gloves to use during a prostate massage, check out this article:

Vibrating Toys

Vibrating toys promote a genuine hands-free experience. All that is usually needed is to turn them on and then slide them inside. Users of such toys can adjust it by squeezing their butt muscles so it throbs precisely where you want it too. Such vibrating toys are the best, as they can easily trigger a very sweet set of consecutive orgasms that get the pleasure building.

Manual Toys

Manual toys include the likes of dildos, drumsticks, or prostate massage probes. For a list of toys, check out our next article coming soon. These toys come in all shapes and sizes. It is important to find the perfect one that best fits the anal orifice and massages the prostate perfectly. However, unlike the vibrating toys mentioned above, manual toys are not hands-free, and require some skill, with this often serving to detract from the whole experience.

How To Prepare

Not much is needed to prepare for a prostate stimulation session. The first step is to clear the anus of any fecal matter. The best way to do that is to buy an enema at your local pharmacy (most pharmacies have them). They only cost a few dollars. Next, a good shower is required, with the focus being on washing out the asshole. Should body tension be evident, drinking some alcohol or smoking weed can get rid of it and smooth the way.

The steps during the session

When starting the session, apply lubricant to your probe and then get in a position with your hands and knees on the ground. Insert the probe about 4-5 inches into your anus. Make sure to apply light pressure toward the gland. This leads to an intense feeling that feels great and will cause an erection. Continue applying light pressure while gently pulling the toy 2 inches out of your anus. The intense sensation stops once you pass the prostate. Then gently slide it back in and repeat 5-10 times. For the last move, slide the toy/finger in, hold pressure on the prostate and count to seven. This should lead to an amazing mind blowing orgasm.


Now, during the first-ever session, it might be difficult to achieve orgasm, but that should not discourage you from attempting prostate stimulation. In fact, once the first orgasm has been achieved, subsequent orgasms become a piece of cake, primarily because you figured out the process and next you just need to repeat it.

Once the obstacle of the first orgasm has been decisively surmounted, lots more orgasms can be expected to keep coming in a never-ending flood. This state of affairs can easily last for hours, and ensures that time passes by in a very euphoric way!

If you do not want to do the work yourself, than book a prostate massage session with us today! For more blogs and info on the rates, check out our other website