Massage Your Body Rub Girl NYC:

by Martina (one of our erotic massage models)

Ever feel like returning the favor and massaging your body rub girl? A lot of guys feel the same way and this blog discusses how to initiate a massage on her, what to say, and how to make it a fun experience.


Face the facts, you are not the only guy she is focusing her attention on throughout the day and a body rub girl get’s tired. She is on her feet for quite some time working out the knots in your back, neck, and shoulders. In addition, the model is putting stress on her hands, fingers, and thumbs which may result in soreness. Further, if you’re spending over 30 minutes in a session with your body rub girl, and finish early (assuming you have extra time), ask your body rub girl if you she would like a massage. Chances are she will say yes assuming she’s comfortable with it and open to mutual touching.

Communicate before beginning

Keep in mind, even if she says yes, every massage girl is different and may have different boundaries. That means checking with her and asking if it’s okay to touch her here and there. Just because she agreed to a massage does not consent that you can just slip a finger in certain spots. While some women may be okay with it, others may feel that it crosses their boundaries and such uneasy tension can alter the sensual mood. We want to assure that both the client and body rub girl are comfortable and pleased.

How to massage her

When you begin to massage your model, make sure your hands are washed. Next, ask her if she prefers oil, lotion, or a mixture of both. Once she gives you her preference, start out with a small palm full of the suggested lubricant and gently lather it on her back with both hands in a slow circular motion. Make sure to lather all over her body evenly. Be careful not to put too much or too little. You can ask the model questions like what pressure level do you want (light / medium / hard)? or Where are you feeling the most tension? Based on that, put your energy into those areas.

If she seems indifferent to a specific area of her body, feel out where the muscles of her back feel stressed and begin to massage and press down there at the level she is comfortable with. Look for knots and spend extra time on them. Use a consistent motion and make sure to slowly move to different areas so that none are neglected.

How to erotic massage her

If your massage girl is okay with erotic mutual touching, consider rubbing her butt, then easing down her legs. Gentle strokes near the inner leg are sensitive areas that may tickle and turn on your massage girl. At this point, if she gives the go ahead, start to do some foreplay. Make sure not to stick to many fingers in at once 😊. Go slow and steady and check to make sure it is pleasing and not painful. Taking care of her first will ensure that the rest of the session will end pleasurably.

But the way to truly win her heart? A good hand or foot massage. Look out for our next article on how to give a sexy hand and foot massage. Also consider reading our blog from our other site: How to touch a woman the right way