Do you want to give the most valuable part of your body (Head/Crown) the most relaxing massage possible?

If the answer is yes, then you must try an Indian head massage.

Erotic massage models with experience in nuru or tantric massage in NYC can finish with a head massage (upon request) in order to calm both the body and the mind before parting ways.

What is an Indian Head Massage?

The Indian head massage borrows from a rich and ancient style of massage that was founded by Narendra Mehta, a blind British-trained phsiotherapist. This style stretches back thousands of years, and is complemented by modern development and fine-tuning into a real therapy.

It takes you through a holistic therapeutic experience with deep acupressure administered on your face, head, neck and shoulders. Such therapy restores the balance of your body and is truly an exotic Indian experience. Aside from stimulating your body to heal itself, this therapy taps into several energy paths.

What are the benefits of an Indian Head Massage?

The massage therapist uses gentle and relaxing hand work to relieve: pain, aches in your head, tension in your neck, and tightness in your shoulders.

In addition, the therapist will apply fragrant oils that complement the physical therapy which relieve your stress and clear your sinuses.

You’ll also start sleeping better, thanks to this massage, as it stimulates oxygen and blood flow in your head and neck.

Surprisingly, the massage applies pressure which helps prevent headaches / migraines while also stimulating hair growth.

Through this relaxing experience, your brain function improves by clearing your head, boosting your memory and improving your concentration.

This therapy, which rooted in the Hindu Ayurveda health care practice, does more than just relax you. It also treats a range of physical and psychological problems.

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