What is a Kaishun massage?

Kaishun Massage is derived from traditional Chinese sexual healing therapy. It is a popular erotic massage style that boosts sexual rejuvenation.

The English translation of the word ‘kaishun’ means to restore one’s youth.

Ancient Chinese medical records claim to have used Kaishun Massage. Therefor, it is a timeless massage that it is still enjoyed today.

Sensual Therapy

Kaishun Massage is also referred to as a lymph gland (groin area) massage. It is a therapeutic treatment that is suitable for anyone.

The massage focuses on pressure points in the lymph glands that result in stimulation. It is highly erotic, and was often the preferred method of sexual exploration of men/women wishing to abstain from full sexual intercourse.

Kaishun techniques are also used by sexual partners experiencing physical problems. Further, Kaishun is used to engage in intimate expression of sensuality.

Erotic Pleasure

Giving/receiving a Kaishun Massage is an arousing experience for both partners.

The experience strengthens your own sexual power while increasing intimacy and boosting sexual libido.

This type of massage results in physical pleasure to the body, mind, and spirit.

What To Expect

Kaishun with massage is a rejuvenation technique that stimulates the testes, penis, prostate, and lymph glands.

The erotic massage therapist will massage the groin area so that you feel deeply relaxed throughout the body.

During the massage, stress and tension melt away. The sensuous strokes and rhythmic motions focus your mind entirely on satisfaction and pleasure.