Why Even Straight Girls Should Try A Lesbian Massage In New York.

New York has always been a liberal, creative, and dynamic city. A city always willing to take risk and try new things. It is also a city with a proud gay and lesbian scene. And we at NYC Nuru fully recommend that all women, not just lesbians, should try an erotic body to body female to female massage (Lesbian Massage).

So what exactly happens in this massage?

Essentially a sensual lesbian massage in NYC is the same as any other massage.

Two females will undress and then one will lay down while the other spreads warm oil all over the other persons body.

The masseuse will massage the legs, bum, stomach, arms and neck.

As the session progresses it will start  get more erotic with extra focus on those intimate and sensitive areas.

It takes much more for a female to warm up her body into an erotic state compared to man.

The great thing about lesbian massage is that it is essentially foreplay and aims to slowly build the orgasmic flow of energy with a body which is perfect for a female.

The masseuse will start massaging the breasts and nipples, working her way down to the thighs and outer region on the vagina.

Only when the recipient opens up and the sensual fever grows will the masseuse slowly and gently she will insert her finger into the vagina.

She will massage this area until the receiver can take more and will explode into a full on orgasm.

Orgasms such as this are some times hard for women to achieve in regular sexual intercourse.

Orgasms are of course very good for the body and provide many benefits to the body both physically and mentally.

And it is for that reason that we recommend all females to try a lesbian massage in New York at least once in their lives.

This city is the perfect place to do it.