Nuru Massage NYC Style

Try the infamous slippery Japanese massage in New York.

Nuru massage in New York has become very popular in NYC over the past decade, and it is easy to understand why.

This therapy is probably the most you can have with your clothes off, many people say it is even better that sex.

Where does it come from?

This unique body to body massage therapy started in the red light districts of Japan, also known locally as the soap-lands.

People, well mostly gents, would come to the massage parlour to have a relaxing time with a cute female.

However, the parlours were not permitted to sell sex, so nuru massage was designed to navigate these laws.

A real authentic nuru massage does not involve full on sex, but is nearly as good if not better.

Luckily for us the concept caught on and today nuru massage has spread its gel across into every corner of the world.

You can probably find a nuru masseuse in every big city or town across the globe.

You will find nuru massage in London and Bangkok is very popular with locals and tourists.

Over the past decade nuru massage has become more popular in New York too.

We all know NYC can be a stressful place at the best of times.

So it is no wonder it has become a popular past time here.

What makes nuru massage such a popular therapy in NYC?

People tell us they like the mix of sensual pleasuring and fun.

Sometimes sensual massage can be very intense. It is nice to have a little bit of fun added to the session too.

Another reason for its success is due the rise of online erotic massage videos.

Many people in New York find out about nuru massage for the first time from these videos.

We enjoy watching these videos too, they make us feel very hot and horny.

We also find these videos do present an accurate picture of what happens.

The Nuru Gel

What makes this session different from the rest is the nuru gel itself.

This gel, which can now be easily bought online from places such as Amazon, is extremely slippery.

We don’t use the words ‘extremely slippery’ lightly.

This gel is so slippery that if you poured it across the highway cars would be slipping and sliding all over to the place.

Not so good for cars but perfect for two naked humans who want to slip and slide all over each other.

The nuru gel is actually made from a substance found in seaweed.

It is see-through gel, which has no smell and is extremely slippery.

You will discover this yourself when you come for your massage with us.

Once it is applied to the body, it creates the perfect surface to slip and slide for some real body to body fun.

Nuru Gel from Wet Brand

Nuru Gel from Wet Brand

So what happens during New York nuru massage?

Every sensual massage is different depending on the masseuse you see.

However, we will give you quick overview of what happens.

Stage 1 –

Both you and the masseuse will get naked, you will then shower together.

The masseuse will make sure your body is clean.

You can watch as the shower gel slides off your New York masseuses smooth skin.

She will clean every part of your body, making sure no part gets missed.

This of course which feels fantastic. It also nicely prepares you for stage two.

Stage 2 –

Stage two is where the masseuse will guide you to a plastic blow up mattress.

This mattress is perfect as it works well with the slippery nuru gel and also provides a bit of a bounce.

The masseuse will then proceed to spread the nuru gel all over her and your body.

Stage 3 –

Prepare to feel very happy and blissful.

How to give a nuru massage

The Techniques – Body to Body Swerves, Scissor Slide and so much more…

There are certain moves, positions and techniques that are used in nuru massage.

Once such technique is called the ‘Scissor Slide’ – this is where the masseuse uses her legs like a pair of scissors to massage you.

It is hard to explain this move using words, but it feels great.

She will slide deep into your body, skin to skin friction that will give you goosebumps.

As the masseuses move close to you, you will feel her breath caress your neck and she will gaze deep into your eyes.

It truly is an erotic experience you must try while your in NYC.


Still not convinced?

Ok here are some sexy bullet pointed reasons why you should go for a nuru massage in New York…

  • Reduce stress
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Boost your immune system
  • Nuru gel will add nutrients to your skin
  • A superb way to relax

There are actually not that many providers in NY who provide the authentic style nuru massage Japanese style.

There are many that claim to do it.

However these services let people down because they think it is just a case of rubbing some oily lotion onto their body and then delivery a boring standard body to body massage.

Our New York Nuru Massage is much more than that.

From sexy scissor slides, to intimate touching and everything is between you will be glad you came to see us.

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