It’s a well-known fact that erotic massage is a great way to connect with your partner before sex, but did you know that it’s the perfect way to wind down after sex too?  

After orgasm, when you’re too sensitive to continue sex, it can be difficult to keep the momentum going. 

Erotic massage is a gentle, but thrilling way to get your partner in the mood for round two, and bring them to multiple orgasm.

To incorporate erotic massage into your pre and post sex routine, we’ve put together some helpful hints to get you started.

Prepare the room for an erotic massage

If you want to make sex last longer with massage, make sure you spend a little time setting up the room.

Keep towels or a massage sheet close to hand so you aren’t worried about staining the sheets during the massage.

Remember to keep massage oils are within arm’s reach, and play some relaxing music.

If the room is a little chilly, put the heating on and light some candles to set the ambience. Finally, switch off your mobiles phones and lock the door.

That way, you make the most of the experience without distractions.

Use light strokes during erotic massage

Unlike a traditional full body massage, erotic massage simply requires a very light touch. Instead of kneading the tired muscles, use your fingers to stroke and caress.

Focus on your lover’s erogenous zones and lightly tease before moving on. Every person is different, so no pleasure zones are the same.

The wider known areas to focus on are ears, neck, chest, arms, inner thighs, genitals, buttocks and feet.

Using the power of touch, focus on these areas to gently titillate your partner. However, to get an even flow of sexual arousal try not to focus on one area too much.

Instead, travel around the body, teasing and stimulating as you go.

If you’re using erotic massage as foreplay, it’s perfect for getting your partner aroused before sex.

For those using the massage to prolong intercourse or bring their lover to a multiple orgasm.

A light, teasing massage is a great way to stay connected when the clitoris is feeling sensitive after orgasm.

Try scented oils or massage candles

When using massage oils, warm the oil in your hands to help relax your partner, or drizzle the oil from a massage candle onto directly onto their skin.

The combination of powerful scents and tantalising touch are perfect for getting the juices flowing again after sex.

Use massage to create multiple orgasms

A professional erotic massage, like the one you get at New York Nuru Massage never leads to penetrative sex.

However, because erotic massage uses sensual techniques to stimulate the erogenous zones, this can bring the recipient to multiple orgasms.

We recommend trying our tantric massage in New York if you want to learn from a masseuse how to help extend your sexual stamina.