Learn about Prostate Massage 

The prostate is known as the male g-spot and when massaged can produce explosive joy.

The prostate is well known as an erogenous zone. But the inconvenient location of this hidden gland results in many men leaving it as an area that is unexplored.

Have a prostate massage in NYC performed by a qualified masseuse that will deliver an intense pleasurable experience.

What is the prostate?

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located  at the base of the penis between the urethra and the rectum. You can find your prostate by inserting a finger approximately two inches up your rectum. The medical function of the prostate is to secrete fluid that nourishes and protects sperm.

Sound gross right?  Don’t worry, receiving a prostate massage in New York City is a very sensual experience. Some men report longer orgasms, multiple orgasms and ‘whole-body’ orgasms, similar to those described by women.

As with all sexual spots and zones, everyone has different experiences. Further, some people will experience more pleasure than others.

Men find the intimacy and sensation of a prostate massage to be intensely pleasurable.

Besides being pleasurable, regular stimulation of the prostate can help prevent prostate cancer.

What happens during a Prostate massage?

Stimulating your prostate, or ‘P’ Spot can lead to intense orgasms, but manual manipulation of the anal area can complex. An experienced masseuse will be able to help you discover a whole new realm of sexual fulfillment – comfortably!

The most important thing to remember during your first prostate massage is to relax. Relaxation is the key to getting the most out of your experience, especially if this is your first time indulging in anal play. So make yourself comfortable throughout the session and refrain from tensing the muscles in that area. You should also make sure that you have allowed enough time to fully enjoy your experience (Book a session that is at least 45 minutes).

Once you and your masseuse are relaxed and in the zone, she will gently insert a lubricated finger into your anus and locate your prostate – She will then rub the gland soothingly. From there communication and experimentation will help your masseuse find the right amount of pressure needed to give you a truly memorable experience.

If you do find the experience uncomfortable try deep, meditative breathing, or divert yourself briefly with another means of stimulation. But don’t get too carried away, remember that the idea of prostate stimulation is to bring yourself to a different, more intense climax.

It will take some time but over repeated sessions you and your masseuse may discover that you can make your more intense orgasms last even longer – you may even experience multiple orgasms.

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