Let a sexy woman cover your body in shower gel and bubbles.

A soapy massage in NYC is very similar to what happens during a nuru massage as it follows the same procedure.

The only difference is shower gel is used instead of nuru gel.

A soapy massage is best described as a body to body massage, using soapy bubbles as a lubricant.

As with many forms of massage, soapy massage has oriental origins; it is offered in massage parlours across Thailand and China, and is a popular form of relaxation for tourists.

Soapy massage is quickly gaining popularity in New York

Following hot on the heels of nuru massage, a body to body massage using slippery lubricant gels that originated in Japan.

The reason that soapy massage has been slow to take hold in the USA seems to be one of logistics.

With massage parlours unable to provide bathrooms with the necessary space!

However, more parlours are finding a way to offer soapy massage as a service.

One of the benefits of a soapy massage is that the soapy bubbles add an element of fun.

Ensuring that any tension dissipates and that you are left relaxed to fully enjoy your experience.

Ultimately, a soapy massage in New york is a fun, sensuous experience, and one that many recipients find themselves repeating.

So let us tell you what happens during a NYC soapy massage…

Traditionally a soapy massage session will start off with a normal, light massage to help get you relaxed and in the mood.

Then you and your masseuse will have a sensuous shower, or a bath together before moving onto a comfortable, waterproof mattress – such as inflatable camping mattress.

You will be covered in warm luxuriant soapsuds and your masseuse will begin to expertly massage them into your skin.

Your experienced masseuse will use more and more of her body until she is sliding her whole body against yours – this is where soapy massage really stands apart and away from traditional hands-only massages.

A soapy massage is a whole-body experience; you will probably begin laying on your front, then you will be asked to turn over so that you can get the best out of your encounter.

When you and your masseuse are finished with your massage you will return to the shower to rid yourself of all those soapy suds.

You will be dried down and then perhaps retire to bed – a normal one – to wind down and recover.

The benefits of a soapy massage

All forms of massage come with their health benefits, physical and mental.

Physically, in addition of course to sheer enjoyment, a soapy massage can boost your blood circulation.

Sending vital nutrients to your skin cells leaving you with healthier looking, more supple skin.

The mental and spiritual benefits of massage are well reported – with all that attention lavished on you.

All those knots of anxiety will be worked out of your body you will emerge from your soapy massage experience feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

soapy massage manhattan


People all over the world have been reaping the benefits of massage for millennia; from the medicinal practices of the Swedes to the saucier methods provided by the parlours of the exotic Far East.

Massage, the act or working or kneading the skin, is known to ease tense, overworked muscles and relax the body and the mind.

In our opinion the very best way to clean the body and have a fun time too is by going for a soapy massage.

Get in contact with us today and we will arrange for your bubbly session today.