Starting off an erotic massage session with a strip tease is a great idea.

Let us tell you why.

Everyone knows what a strip tease is right?

For those of you who have just landed on planet earth, a strip tease is where one human slowly takes their clothes off. It is done in an erotic manner, bit by bit until they reveal their full naked body.

The whole thing is more visual than physical and designed to visually stimulate the on-looker.

As a man it can be a very exciting experience to watch a beautiful female strip down to their bare essentials an then erotically move their body in front you.

It can be a perfect way to begin an erotic massage session of any any kind, as your body and mind have already been stimulated.



So what exactly happens during a strip tease massage?

The masseuse, starts off fully clothed and will have you sit down on a chair or bed.

The music will start playing and she will then proceed to dance erotically with the music while slowly removing her clothing.

She will tease you by leaning into and pushing her butt into your lap.

At this point, the watch will start to feel very excited as he watches the masseuse have less and less clothes.

Eventually the masseuse will be fully naked, and will then focus her attention on helping to remove your clothes.

When you are fully nude too, she will have you lay down on the bed or massage table and then proceed to give you an intimate and close body to body massage NYC style.

The whole experience can be quite novel, fun and also very erotic. We recommend everyone try this session once in their life.

Let the masseuse stimulate your eyeballs before stimulating your other set of balls.