From Ancient India to 21st Century NYC

Tantric massage comes from the tantra philosophy and culture that worn was created in India two thousand years ago.

The aim of tantra is use such acts as yoga, sex and massage to focus the mind and body onto a higher plane.

The original tantric practitioners were not just doing this for cheap thrills, there is a higher spiritual purpose to what they try to do.

What happens during an NYC tantric massage?

Every tantric massage you go to will be different as each masseuse has learned and developed their skills in a unique way.

Each masseuse may use different approach to get the most out of the session for her client.

Here at New York Nuru Massage we will first get you to take a shower.

This is not just to make sure the body is clean for the masseuse to work on but also because of the spiritual act of washing water of over your body.

This process can help calm your body, and mentally feels like you are washing away any distractions.

tantric massage nyc

After you have showered you will be asked to join the masseuse where she introduce you to certain breathing exercises.

If you utilise these breath control techniques your session will benefit greatly, as you will find out later in the session.

The masseuse will then ask you to lay face down, where she will provide you a regular deep tissue massage all over your body.

This will make you feel relaxed and will be very therapeutic for your muscles.

As the session progresses you find the touches from the masseuse becoming more and more sensual.

She will start to focus her attention on your erogenous zones.

You will at this point start to feel aroused, this is natural and is the intention of the massage.

Sensual Genital Stimulation…

The last third of the session will be focused on massaging your lingam, which is ancient Indian language term for penis.

She will sensually manipulate this area using many different techniques, it will feel fantastic.

The masseuse will be an expert at building the sexual energy as more and more endorphin’s are released into your brain.

At this point you can use the breathing techniques to help control the feelings. Your tantric goddess will have your riding orgasmic waves of pure pleasure.

Eventually this will move into an explosive orgasm, the like of which you may never have experienced before.


The benefits you will get from this session

  • Reduced stress
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Boost to your immune system
  • Understanding how to become a better lover
  • Tips on how to control an orgasm
  • An introduction to the world of tantra

We strongly you suggest you try this session as we know you will just love it.

There is a reason why we have many repeat clients coming to us again.

Contact us now to arrange for your tantric massage in New York.

You will very happy that did, and your body will thank you for it.