Tie and Tease Massage New York Style

Tie and tease massage is a hybrid of BDSM and Massage while focusing on tease and denial. There is a lot of flexibility in this type of massage so the specifics should be discussed in the beginning. However, generally speaking, it is when the masseuse ties up the client and keeps bringing him/her close to orgasm before stopping. This form of edging, if done correctly, tends to lead to a intense orgasm. 

A tie and tease massage is not about being dominated as such, but it is about relinquishing control – letting go. Powerless to resist, but in the teasing hands of a playful partner, you will enter what is known as sub-space; an almost dreamlike state where every physical touch leaves more than its mark.

What happens during a New York  tie and tease massage?

At the beginning of your massage session you may have an informal chat with your masseuse.

So that she knows if there is anything particular required of her, and you have an idea of what to expect during your session together.

After you have talked things through you will be made comfortable, usually on a bed, and your wrists will be tied.

Your masseuse will have something to tie your hands with, i.e., light bondage rope or a silk scarf. If you would like to her to use something else you should bring it along to your session.

Once you are all tied up your masseuse will begin her work.

Your masseuse’s job in a tie and tease massage is of course to prolong your experience, bringing you to the height of physical pleasure slowly, maximising your enjoyment.

Your masseuse will expertly heighten all of your senses using a variety of techniques, tricks and tools.

Your job, lying there with your wrists bound – with no expectation to do a thing, is to relax and enjoy your experience.

Tease and tie techniques and tools

Your masseuse will be fully conversant in the art of tease, and will have her own bag of tricks and favorite tools with which to get the best results.

However most masseuses will be happy to take direction, so if you have anything that you would like to be teased with you can discuss it prior to your session.

Tie and tease massage in New York is a very sensory experience, so the tools used are tactile – feathers, silks, oils etc.

Techniques employed by your therapist may include dance, stop-start massage or additional sensory deprivation, using blindfolds for example.

Your masseuse will know when you have gotten the most out of your session and will sensuously draw things to a close.

You will then of course be untied!

What makes tie and tease massage so special?

All forms of massage are good for your body and your mind, but a tie and tease massage pays particular attention to the mind to bring a unique sense of release.

There is a calm to be found when relinquishing control, especially if your day-to-day life is stressful.

Tie and tease massage is a mild form of dominance – one that doesn’t require a ream of rules or specialist equipment, safe words or bruise cream!

It is a deeply sensuous form of massage, designed to engage the body and the mind so that you are left feeling rejuvenated and complete.

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