The Sukebe chair is an accessory that is sometimes used during a sensual erotic massage.

The Sukebe chair is a versatile, compact chair that originated in Japan. It is modeled after bathing stools that are traditionally used in nursing homes.

The chair has a u-shaped hole under the seat so that your masseuse can reach in there. The hole is big enough so that the masseuse can lather you up and then sensually wash the genital and anal area.

The Perfect Intro

The Sukebe Chair is perfect for cleansing before the stimulating touch of a nuru massage session.

As you sit on the tool in an upright position, you can enjoy the visual excitement of watching your naked masseuse kneel down to perform the lathering ritual.

Watch her delicate hands reach into the u-shaped hole to sensually cup and caress your penis and testicles. She will also soap up the anal area. Sit back and let your imagination and fantasies run wild.

This is a delightfully relaxing and indulgent way to warm up and prepare for the main event. The Sukebe Chair is a cleansing ritual treat that is suitable for both men and women, of all body shapes and size.

The Main Event

The Sukebe Chair bathing ceremony involves plenty of warm soapy bubbles and sensual strokes. This creates the ultimate relaxation experience.

Once you have enjoyed the soapy session, you are ready for the heightened  pleasure of a gliding body to body massage. Also please note that a Sukebe Chair cleansing is a great to get before a prostate massage session.

Please note: We will be offering Sukebe Chair sessions in the near future